Due to the size of my research i'm splitting it into 3 posts

This post is part of a series on my research on Versarien that i've put on Stockopedia

Part 1 - A Background to the Graphene Marketplace

Part 2 - A deep dive into Versariens Business

Part 3 - Graphene Competitors

ADVFN - There are some really good ADVFN posters who are long term investors in VRS, have attended shareholder open days / AGMs and have excellent insights and research that they share especially Superg1, bones, Atoxyl, compounup & severnof9 who have informed a lot of my own research and I have shamelessly copied some of their insights. Obviously, you have to wade through a load of rampers, derampers and nutters that seem to frequent ADVFN but hopefully we can get a decent level of discussion and sharing of insights going on Stockopedia instead.

Finally, it’s a bit nerve wracking doing my first posts on Stockopedia especially with the quality of writers here already – I’m dyslexic and it’s something I struggle so hopefully you find enough quality within the quantity! You can find me @MikeWBrenner where I retweet a lot of my graphene / Versarien research

Part 2 - A deep dive into Versariens Business 

  • The Team
  • 2D-Tech - www.2-dtech.com
  • Cambridge Graphene Ink - http://www.cambridgegraphene.c...
  • Scalable VRS product technology and manufacturing
  • VRS Application and Product Development
  • End of life, Toxicity of graphene in products
  • Sales Distribution
  • Financials
  • Summary

Versarien Overview

Versarien plc (£VRS), is an advanced engineering materials group. Leveraging proprietary technology, the Group creates innovative engineering solutions for its clients in a diverse range of industries. Versarien has five subsidiaries operating under two divisions:

Thermal and Hard Wear Products

  • Versarien Technologies Ltd. which produces thermal copper/aluminium and other aluminium products. www.versarien-technologies.co.uk
  • Total Carbide Ltd, a leading manufacturer in sintered tungsten carbide for applications in arduous environments such as the oil and gas industry. www.totalcarbide.com

 Graphene and Plastic Products

  • 2-DTech Ltd, which specialises in the supply, characterisation and early stage development of graphene products. www.2-dtech.com  (Spun out of the university of Manchester in 2015)
  • Cambridge Graphene Ltd, which supplies novel inks based on graphene and related materials, using patented processes and develops graphene materials technology for licensing to manufacturers. www.cambridgegraphene.com (Spun out of the University of Cambridge…

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