So I've got an interesting decision to make.

I first bought Games Workshop (Games Workshop (LON:GAW)) back in January 2017 for 852p a share - a small starter holding. Since then, using a somewhat imprecise strategy of buying into strength, I've added a further ten times. After the big rise on Friday, I'm now up by over 130% on my entire investment, not counting the dividends which are now more than twice my initial investment. GAW now represents 16% of my portfolio (19 other holdings).

And this is where investment advice/wisdom can become confusing or contradictory. On the one hand, I've done extremely well here by running a winner, watering a flower, buying into strength and not snatching a profit.

On the other hand, we're reminded frequently to re-balance portfolios, that taking profits is seldom the road to ruin, and to sell when everyone else is buying. I've also noticed cannier investors than me (John Rosier, for example), selling GAW at around £5 and buying back again after an inevitable pull-back.

I'm not inclined to sell any time soon, but I'd be very interested in what other people think.


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