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How to use The StockRanks

Every company on Stockopedia is analysed for its Quality, Value and Momentum across hundreds of fundamental and technical metrics. They all come together in our proprietary set of composite StockRanks.

Browsing Stockopedia's screens

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Stockopedia Screens is the our StockRanks Portal. It’s home to a wide range of preset screens that use our powerful analysis tools: the StockRanks, StockRank Styles and RiskRatings. If you're looking for stocks that are moving up and down between Ranks, Styles and Ratings, you'll also find a wide range of Upgrades and Downgrades screens here.

You can use these screens to find new ideas, or you can Duplicate them and adjust the filters to create your own customised strategies.


To find Stockopedia Ratings, click Browse on the main menu and then select from the options on the local navigation.

To make life easier, we’ve include some of the most popular Ratings screens on the main Browse page. Just click the horizontal arrows to scroll through them.

Stockopedia Ratings: Getting started

Click Browse to launch the the local navigation menu, where you'll find the five main Ratings areas:

  • Top StockRanks

  • StockRank Styles

  • RiskRatings

  • Upgrades

  • Downgrades

By clicking any of these five areas, you'll be taken to a list of pre-prepared screens. These are constructed using a range of variations on Stockopedia's proprietary analysis tools.

Note: Depending on your subscription plan, you can use the menu at the top of the page to focus on specific geographic regions. The aggregate screen data (StockRank, Risk rating, Style, and Inception) will change from one region to the next depending on which stocks qualify and how the screen has performed over time for that specific region.


For each screen on each list, you'll see a link to the screen and some overview information about it - including average StockRank, average Risk Rating, average StockRank Style and performance history (you can adjust the performance history timescale at the top of the column).

The Stockopedia Ratings screens

Here's a summary of the screen lists you'll find in each of the five Ratings areas:

The StockRanks Top lists of stocks based on StockRank, QualityRank, ValueRank and Momentum Rank, as well as Crossover Ranks.

StockRank Styles Top lists based on Stockopedia's StockRank Styles: Super Stocks, High Flyers, Turnarounds, Contrarians, Falling Stars, Momentum Traps, Value Traps and Sucker Stocks.

RiskRatings Top lists based on Stockopedia's volatility-focused RiskRatings: Conservative, Balanced, Adventurous, Speculative and Highly Speculative.

Upgrades Top lists of stocks promoted to the top StockRank deciles and positive StockRank Style categories.

Downgrades Lists of stocks demoted to the lowest StockRank deciles and negative StockRank Style categories.

Exploring a Stockopedia Ratings screen


By clicking a Stockopedia Ratings screen (eg. Super Stocks) you'll be taken to a page that gives you detailed information about the screen rules and performance (alongside a benchmark comparison), followed by a list of qualifying stocks.


At the top of the screen page, you'll find detailed information about the screen, including:

  • The Ratings screen rules

  • Screen details, including average StockRank, Style and RiskRating

  • Performance history chart

  • A Duplicate option, where you can customise the screen and save it to "My Screens"

You can scroll down to see the stocks currently passing the filter rules for the screen:


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