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Inside the Minds of Guru Investors (USA)

The secrets of how eight American investors made a fortune from the stock market

Inside the Minds of Guru Investors (USA)View this report

This book is a guide to how some of the best American investors succeed in the stock market, and what you can learn from them. It includes in depth interviews with eight well-known investors who were either trading on their own account or managing large investment funds. Among them is a legend of Quantitative Investing, a hedge fund manager who created a simple Magic Formula and a one-time U.S. Investing Champion.

While their styles and strategies vary enormously, what they share in common is that they've all profited handsomely from investing over time. By sharing the highs and lows of their journeys, they offer some fascinating insights for anyone with aspirations of building wealth from the stock market.

Created by

Ben Hobson

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