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Makings of a multibagger

This review of our data archive has helped us uncover shared traits from the best performing stocks in the UK in the past decade. Understanding these traits can help you uncover winners of the future.

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Multi-Baggers - these are the stocks which can make a portfolio. Owning just one can transform your returns and lead to a great acceleration of personal wealth. Everybody looks abroad enviously at the US stock market, but in a very difficult decade for the UK economy, a selection of outstanding shares have dramatically beaten the market.

Our research team at Stockopedia have been investigating the top 10 stock-market winners of the last 10 years, and have identified the traits that led to their outstanding success. In this special report, exclusive to Stockopedia members, we catalogue the journey of these outstanding companies from little-known small-caps to established enterprises.

It turns out that these stocks all shared identifiable characteristics at the start of their journey. They did not promise blue-sky technologies, or outlandish prospects. They had solid, repeatable business models that they expanded through time with compounding results for their shareholders’ wealth.

Within this report, you will find:

  • The names and performance history of the top 10 performers of the last decade.

  • A summary of their key financial characteristics at the start and end of their journey.

  • Case studies of the business models that powered their share prices.

  • A one-page summary of each individual stock’s journey.

  • A checklist of rules and resources to help you identify the multi-baggers of the future.

We hope you learn from this study, and use the insights in your hunt for the next 10 multi-baggers of the next decade.

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CEO of Stockopedia
Ed Croft
CEO of Stockopedia

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