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Algy Hall Screening Masterclass

In this exclusive live interview with author, former associate editor of the Investors Chronicle, and stock-screening guru Algy Hall, we explore how his data-driven approach to picking stocks to help you identify robust investment candidates in challenging markets.

In this video:

  • How applying simple rules can transform the way you select stocks: ​​​​​​​A renowned award-winning journalist with over two decades of investment experience, Algy shares how he has transformed the way he invests using simple rules to select investment candidates. 

  • The four powerful screening strategies that every investor should know: You’ll discover Algy’s four powerful screening strategies that have all outperformed the market by over 200% over the last decade.

  • Why your screening criteria need to adjust to different market conditions: With significant turbulence in the UK markets over the last few years, Algy will share how screening criteria needs to respond in different market environments.

  • How to analyse shares that appear in your screen results: Algy shares his experience of analysing UK equities to highlight how screens can be used to guide more detailed, in-depth analysis of investment candidates.

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