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How to pick better bear market stocks (without relying on tips)

Discover key principles for improving your stock selection in bear markets, helping you understand what to buy and when to sell in market downturns. You’ll learn essential lessons, allowing you to confidently assess the safety and potential of any stock and position your portfolio for recovery.

In this video:

  • Why relying solely on broker recommendations, press tips & social media rumours can seriously endanger your capital

  • How short-run stock returns are driven by stories, but long-run returns by statistics

  • What really drives stock returns?  The three key drivers of stock returns, as outlined in decades of market study by Nobel Prize Winning academics and practitioners

  • How shares with these characteristics have significantly outperformed the market over the last decade, and are likely to continue to in market recoveries

  • How to measure every stock in the market for these characteristics, to improve your odds of picking winners

  • How to understand the bear market environment - and align your portfolio with the characteristics that outperform during market downturns

Please note - this webinar was broadcast in early 2022 after a significant stock market correction. All data is correct as of this date, and may have changed since.

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