Stockopedia academy

Stockopedia Orientation: How to enhance your investing process

We lift the lid on tried-and-tested principles for successful stock market investing, and and show you how to use Stockopedia to apply them. Whether you've joined Stockopedia recently, want to join soon, or are a seasoned member of our community looking for a refresher - this demo will show you how to use Stockopedia best to enhance your investing.

Learn how to:

  • Validate your investing ideas: ​​​​Sense check any potential investment against time-proven ranks for Quality, Value and Momentum. Spot accounting red flags and financial health indicators. Gauge the sentiment of the UK’s smartest private investor community.

  • Identify risks in your portfolio: Uncover hidden or excessive risks in your individual stocks and overall stock portfolio. Improve your portfolio's risk profile to weather market storms.

  • Discover under-the-radar opportunities: Use Stockopedia's institutional-quality insights and tools to sift, sort, and screen the market for higher-odds opportunities.

  • Stay on top of your wealth: Spot weakening fundamentals and changing risk profiles in your investments. Learn tried-and-tested rules for buying and selling stocks to help manage your wealth.

  • Practical walkthroughs of Stockopedia: Watch live demonstrations of all Stockopedia's key tools and insights.