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How To: Forensic Stock Analysis For DIY Investors

Join Stockopedia founder Ed Croft in this masterclass showing you how to perform forensic research on any stock. This masterclass is ideal for seasoned investors looking to save time on your research, or newer investors looking for a disciplined, proven process for sanity-checking a stock tip.

This video will help you:

  • Understand what to focus on in your stock analysis as a DIY investor picking stocks

  • Evaluate the market-beating potential of any stock by understanding its exposure to Quality, Value, and Momentum

  • Spot hidden bankruptcy and earnings risks with key indicators and metrics

  • Assess the underlying volatility of your stocks and what this means for upside potential and downside protection

  • Avoid companies that overpromise & underdeliver by examining the financial history of any stock

  • Compare the financial statistics of any stock relative to its industry and market peer group

  • Read between the lines of broker recommendations and forecasts to determine the most likely trend for the future

  • Gauge the sentiment of the smart money in every stock using insights from director and institutional deals

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