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The No-Admin Portfolio System: A Deep Dive Into Systematic Investing

Join Ed Croft to dive deep into the renowned "No-Admin Portfolio System". We'll cover the principles and reveal eight years of performance data from multiple countries. Learn how this systematic approach to investing could help you avoid common investing pitfalls, reduce your risk, and align with the factors that drive outperformance.

Learn how to:

  • Identify stocks with a higher probability of market outperformance. Learn to filter the market for stocks with traits similar to past winners.

  • Spread your risk to help you perform in different market conditions. Learn how to select stocks across different sectors, sizes, and styles to make your portfolio more robust to risk.

  • Rebalance your portfolio when stocks drift. Learn why an active approach to portfolio management is so essential in modern markets... even if it's only done once per year.   

  • Develop rules to remove the emotional rollercoaster of investing. Harness wisdom taken from decades of stock market research and experience. Become more confident managing your investments and less prone to common mistakes. 

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