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How to screen for stock market winners

For many investors, stock screeners are the first step into systematic, data-driven investing. In this webinar, you'll learn the full extent of Stockopedia's powerful screening tools and how you can use them to instantly generate lists of potential investments for further research.

Learn how to:

  • Browse dynamic lists of the highest-probability shares: ​​​​​​​​​​Start your journey into more systematic investing with the pre-made StockRank screens. Learn about which StockRank styles might best suit your psychology. 

  • Discover the rules and ratios behind famous guru strategies: From Buffett to Slater, O'Shaughnessy to Lynch. Learn the exact rules and ratios used by the world's most celebrated investors.

  • Build powerful custom screens to suit your style: Harness advanced custom stock screening to suit your needs. Devise your own investing strategies, uncover hidden gems, and more. 

  • Master screening tips, tricks, and shortcuts: All you need to conjure screens to suit key investing strategies - without needing a professional-level understanding of financial ratios.

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