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Image related to an article about ATM Grupa SA

Why ATM Grupa SA clears these three dividend hurdles

Consumer Cyclicals

In the search for dividend income, there are three key tests that investors look for: yield, growth and safety. Finding stocks that offer all three is hard - but is ATM Grupa SA (WAR:ATG) managing to do it?    At a time when economic u...


Image related to an article about Hub

Why Hub might be a mid-cap stock for contrarian investors


Contrarian value investors are always on the look-out for shares that the market has overlooked. In times of economic uncertainty - when stock prices become erratic - good quality stocks can become cheaper. The question is whether Hub...


Image related to an article about PC Connection

Why PC Connection is a market favourite


Some shares have withstood recent economic shockwaves better than others - but is PC Connection (NSQ:CNXN) one of them? To understand why different shares respond to chaos in different ways, it pays to look at their strengths. In bull...


Image related to an article about AGL Energy

What will drive the AGL Energy share price higher?


Shares in AGL Energy (ASX:AGL) are currently trading at A$8.31 but a key question for investors is how ongoing economic uncertainty will affect the price. One way of making that assessment is to examine where its strengths lie... The A...


Image related to an article about Graincorp

Can the Graincorp dividend ride out economic uncertainty?

Consumer Defensives

Economic and geopolitical turmoil has sent shockwaves through the stock market's dividend landscape. The good news is that some stocks are well placed to withstand these problems - and it looks like Graincorp (ASX:GNC) might be one of...


Image related to an article about Aerovate Therapeutics

Will Aerovate Therapeutics's price keep rising?


Studies by leading experts into the power of price momentum show that stocks with the strongest price trends can potentially keep up the pace for anywhere up to one year. A big part of the reason for this is down to investor psychology...


Image related to an article about New Delhi Television

Two reasons to look twice at New Delhi Television (NSI:NDTV)

Consumer Cyclicals

The New Delhi Television (NSI:NDTV) share price is currently trading at ₹190.5. But given the uncertain economic outlook, the question now is what the future holds for it. To try and predict where the New Delhi Television price will he...


Image related to an article about Next

Four signs of a competitive moat at Next (LON:NXT)


Given that widespread uncertainty in the economy and the stock market is likely to endure for many months, it pays to know that you're investing in high-quality stocks, rather than speculative ones. This means safe, profitable companie...


Image related to an article about Jungheinrich AG

Quality and value are positive signs for Jungheinrich AG


Shares in Jungheinrich AG (ETR:JUN3) are currently trading at €23.7 but a key question for investors is how geopolitical and economic turmoil will continue to affect the price. Part of the answer comes down to judging whether the stock...


Image related to an article about Tosei

Is the Tosei dividend a hidden gem?


In stormy economic times, dividends play a vital role in the total return that investors get from shares like Tosei (TYO:8923). These payouts - when they remain intact - can make it easier to ride out volatile market conditions. When s...


Image related to an article about Pearson

Are analysts upbeat on the outlook for Pearson?

Consumer Cyclicals

While the world wrestles with the impact of Covid, inflation and geopolitical strife, investors are naturally wondering what lies in store for some of the country's largest quoted companies, such as Pearson (LON:PSON).  Pearson is an i...


Image related to an article about Cloetta AB

Why Cloetta AB scores well in the hunt for dividend income

Consumer Defensives

In times of economic turbulence, income investors face tough choices about where to look for the best returns - so are the dividends on offer from a share like Cloetta AB (STO:CLA B) worth exploring further?     With so much uncertaint...


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