Hello all,

I'm new here having signed up a few days ago and also quite new to trading. I've spent the last two nights browsing the discussion boards and since this seems like an enlightened place to discuss ideas, i was just hoping for some general advise.

A bit of background info: I'm not a professional trader, I started with a general interest in trading and ended up reading the ''Naked trader''.
Over the Christmas holidays i had the opportunity to put into practice what i had learnt, i opened a trading account with Barclays and bought my first shares.
My first was Berkeley Homes (Because i work there and was confident in performance)
Second was Foot asylum (I made a mistake and got excited buying a share. Luckily i bought at 225p and put a 10% stop loss when it hit 260p. I've since seen it drop to 215p)
My third i started with a more logical and systematic approach and did thorough research, after going through 20 companies i was finally comfortable with buying into Dominos Pizza)

My reason for starting to trade was having a substantial amount of savings in a bank and receiving 0.5% interest. This frustrated me and I wanted to see if i could make my money work harder and earn more £'s a month than i received in interest. A small goal but one i believe is very achievable. Overall I find trading fascinating and want to learn more.

Since i'm not trading on leverage I've started with small amounts to test the waters and now understand i need to trade with more money if i want to see any significant gain.
My question is, what do you think is an appropriate amount of money to start trading with for a complete beginner to achieve my simple goals. I figured £5k and split it into £500 trades to diversify. Or spending £500 a month on a new share allowing me to build up a portfolio slowly. 

Since i work full time, research must be done in the evenings and weekends and i have to set up automatic buys and stops. I've also seen mention of timing a trade and when to buy in, can anyone recommend any further reading? Or any material in…

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