Not so long ago on a boat far, far away by the Eye in London... a merry crew did gather.  A celebration was proposed by Captain David Stredder in memory of a generous act of charitable giving...

In the summer, the community raised over £22k for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophe in sponsorship of a bike ride I did from London to Paris.  All those that had donated were invited (at ridiculously short notice) to lunch on the RS Hispaniola Restaurant Boat which is moored up by Embankment Tube.  

For those that don't know David Stredder - he's possibly the best networked, and most generous, private investor in Britain.  It's the measure of the man that he followed through on his offer and put this event together at such short notice.   It's no surprise that the rather odd nautical dining location (which meant we were swaying before we'd started drinking) was the result of the previous week's networking where he met the owner.  David's main research tool for the stock market is the telephone... old school, but outrageously effective.    

So over 50 of us gathered at the Hispaniola at midday last Thursday... having an excellent lunch and far too much to drink.  It was a pleasure to see so many faces old and new in such great spirits.  Thanks to David (Carmensfella) for paying for the lunch - what a man.

Lunch was interspersed with a few investment talks.  We heard the amazing story of City Cruises, built up on a wing and a prayer by the owner of the boat we were lunching on,  we had share tips from David Stredder ( 1pm - ) and Mark Bentley ( PAF - ) but no share tips from Paul Scott ("I'm not tipping ... the market is too speculative").  I gave the story of why I'd biked for Duchenne, before explaining why Stockopedia is not Bloomberg yet.... (which may come down to having 2 fewer zeroes than them on the subscription price).

I had a great catch up with rocket scientist Damian Cannon,  stop loss defence master GrinderTrader,  podcast master ConkersCorner,  ShareSoc's Mark Bentley, guru of agility InvestedGeordie, investment club wizard cafcash49 dfs12, hawkipa and too many other community members to…

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