A fairly light morning for news so far. The only share in my portfolio putting out an RNS today is more good news from Amino Technologies (LON:AMO). They've won a contract with a European telecoms company for their innovative set-top boxes which stream TV to devices around the house. It's put a couple of percent on the share price. This is on top of last week's in line trading statement, and news of a progressive dividend policy that sees the yield over 5%, and rising 15% p.a. for 2 years. So a good incentive for me to sit tight/buy more on any dips.

I note that Inland Homes (LON:INL), the brownfield regeneration minnow, is starting to move up this morning, a delayed reaction to the granting of planning permission on its site in Poole. Their mishandling of Directors remuneration has certainly put a dampener on things, together with the bizarre reaction of the CEO at widespread criticism from shareholders at their AGM. But let's hope this year will finally show the company actually generate some shareholder value? Although the shares are still 60% down on the IPO price. There is "hidden" NAV though, so the true underlying NAV is probably now around 32-35p, hence why despite my reservations about management, I bought a few more after their AGM.

Results from specialist camera maker, Andor Technology (LON:AND) look reasonably good, with adj profit before tax edging up from £9.7m to £10.0m. Adj EPS comes in at 27.5p, so the shares aren't exactly cheap on a PER of 14.4. However, when you consider they have £17.1m in net cash (compared with a mkt cap of £114m at 395p/share) and are still managing to grow in a lousy economy, then it might be an interesting company.

Their inaugural dividend of just 2p seems unnecessarily cautious given the strength of both profits and the balance sheet, they could have paid much more, 5-10p would have made a bolder statement, and would be easily affordable.

Results for y/e 30 Sep 2012 from minnow metal hardening engineer, Hardide (HDD) look encouraging. It has swung from losses into a £378k profit on turnover up 49% to £2.9m (still tiny, but a good profit margin which indicates lean overheads & pricing power).

The £8.4m…

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