Back to normal, apologies for yesterday's failure to produce a report, just ran out of time in the end. I did however attend an excellent investor evening, arranged by Equity Development, which followed the tried & tested format used by David Stredder's excellent "Mello" investors evenings.

Three companies presented last night, being Regenersis (RGS), VP Group (VP.), and Tracsis, then we had excellent canapes, drinks, and networking courtesy of the hosts, legal firm Fasken Martineau in Hanover Square, London.

I was very impressed with all 3 company presentations. It's so useful to meet management, and get a feel for the people who actually run companies that we can invest in.
If anyone does a write-up of the presentations onto a bulletin board (I don't have time, on top of the time it takes me to write these reports), then please let me know, and I will happily provide a link from here.

But very quickly my impressions were these;

Regenersis (LON:RGS)

Regenersis (RGS) - sensible strategy to target high margin growth from emerging markets. Shares have performed very well recently, and in my opinion are probably getting close to being up with events. I could see upside to 200p, but at 169p that doesn't give me enough % upside to jump in now, so regrettably it's one where I've missed the boat. Which is a pity, as I actuallyflagged it here on 25 Sep 2012 as being good value when the shares were 96p! A bit annoying that I didn't follow up my own analysis with a purchase, but never mind.

VP (VP.) - Another company that I was already aware of & liked, they are a niche equipment hire business. The CEO really impressed me with his strategy (proven to be very effective, in how they have coped well with a major Recession), and a keen focus on shareholder value. They have never cut their dividend in over 30 years! It would make a terrific share to just tuck away & forget in a long-term portfolio, being reasonably priced on a PER of about 10, and with a 4% dividend that's likely to just steadily grow each…

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