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Thank you for all the responses to our first ever SCVR reader survey yesterday - it was an interesting exercise, so I'll do more of these in future. So {drum roll} here are the results (based on the first 100 responses):

Question 1 : Has the market crash in China affected your confidence in UK shares?

Yes, a lotYes, a littleNo

So it looks as if SCVR readers have largely ignored the market gyrations in China's stock market. I think this makes sense - it has very little read across to the UK market, except for the resources sector, as one reader commented.

As alluded to in the fantastic picture above, which the Economist put out on Twitter today, and one reader here commented, "China is not a true market, on the way up & down".

Several readers here commented that they see the Chinese stock market as a domestic market, so regard its gyrations as being self-contained.

Note also since the Chinese Govt banned major shareholders from selling, there has been a spectacular rally in the last two days. This is very much the Chinese way - if a free market gives the wrong result, then rig the market until it does what you want it to do!

Question 2 : Is the Eurozone crisis re Greece affecting your confidence in UK shares?

Yes, a lotYes, a littleNo

So clearly the Eurozone's problems are seen as much more of a risk to UK shares than problems in China. A significant level of concern is recorded by our readers here.

This poll is almost immediately out of date, as it looks as if overnight the Greek Govt has capitulated, and now seems ready to accept bail out reform terms from the Eurozone.

Reader comments seemed unconcerned about the impact on UK shares of Greece falling out of the Euro, but more worried about contagion (Spain, Italy, etc), and derivatives.

Several readers commented that it has dragged on so long, it's baked into prices already. Some readers also felt the UK was insulated from Eurozone problems to a large extent.

Question 3 : What is your view of the 2015 Budget - in terms of its overall impact on the country?

Strongly positiveMildly positiveNeutralMildly negativeStrongly negative

Clearly our readers have given an overwhelmingly positive (80%) reaction to the Budget, which is interesting as it was a strange mixture of traditional right-wing,…

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