Good morning!

Groan, it's one of those days where the RNS only lists results & trading updates from companies which I find of no interest to me whatsoever. So I can't cherry-pick the interesting ones, as there aren't any.

We seem to be having something of a correction at the moment. Not before time, as the post-Brexit boom really has been remarkable, and maybe got a bit excessive perhaps?

Whenever the market goes wobbly, I have a standard procedure now - I chuck out some of my low conviction positions (especially if they've risen a lot, and look fully priced). Then I also open up some short positions on over-valued US large caps, and/or indices. That tends to act as a good shock absorber for any downturn in the rest of my portfolio.

Then when the sell-off seems to have run out of steam, I buy back the shorts, and that usually provides a little pot of extra money to grab some bargains on the long side, at or near the lows. Obviously that's all a lot easier said than done. However, it's worked for me a few times now, and as my guru says to me - "Just do more of whatever works". Some of the best advice is the simplest.

ShareSoc Brighton evening

Is tomorrow! I'm very much looking forward to this, which we're hoping to make into a monthly event. It's ShareSoc's event, but I'm just an enthusiastic helper! There are a few places left, so if you fancy coming along for what should be a fun evening, here is the booking form.

The company presenting is Palace Capital (LON:PCA) . Also, I'll be giving a 30 minute presentation on my best small cap stock ideas from the last month's reports, and which shares I've been buying/selling personally. If people like this slot, then it may become a regular monthly thing.

Of course one of the best things about these events is that we also have the whole evening to chat to each other about shares we think look interesting. So there's always a lively & friendly discussion until closing time. Everyone has a shared interest, so conversation flows easily right from the start - so nobody should ever feel intimidated or shy about coming along to investor events.

Restore (LON:RST)

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