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The biggest laugh of yesterday definitely came from Jeremy Clarkson's twitter account. I can't repeat it here, due to it containing a rude word, but the gist of it was to express his exasperation at the country now being run by May & Hammond!

Empresaria (LON:EMR)

I enjoyed interviewing the CEO & FD of this international staffing group, yesterday afternoon. Here is the audio link. Thank you for the questions submitted by readers, which I managed to ask in a round about way.

This is a good example of a group which has benefited from having a diverse spread of business in multiple countries. This has insulated it well from the chaos caused by Brexit & resultant sharp forex movements.

Watkin Jones (LON:WJG)

Share price: 103.25p (unchanged today)
No. shares: 255.3m
Market cap: £263.6m

Mello presentation last night - I think it was Nancy Reagan who described Ronnie's demise as "the long goodbye". Well, we had an even longer goodbye last night, after the 3 Directors of Watkin Jones had given a detailed presentation + Q&A to a group of investors in Beckenham. We all shook hands, and bid them goodbye in the restaurant, only to bump into them again over the road Beckenham Junction station. We then shared the same carriage into London, and bid them goodbye again, with handshakes all round again, on the platform at Victoria station. Moments later, we bumped into them again on the station concourse, triggering another round of cheery smiles & waves.

So when I spotted them again, 10 minutes later, on the tube platform, at Oxford Circus, I did what any self-respecting Brit would do, when uncertain of how to behave when constantly bumping into the same people - I dived for cover, and hid at the end of the platform, pretending to be engrossed in something riveting on my smartphone, to avoid further embarrassment! The Directors stood out markedly, due to all 3 wearing immaculately tailored suits. They seem good guys though, definitely a backable management team.

Their 2-hour presentation was excellent. We bombarded them with more questions over dinner, so it must have been exhausting for them. The issue arises again, of how companies are launched on the stock market in a very inappropriate way - by brokers who are keen to do as little work as possible…

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