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Firstly a couple of investor events to mention. People sometimes complain that everything seems to be in London, so just for a change here is an event in Manchester, on Wed 25 Feb, starting at 12:30 lunchtime. The event is a private investor lunch with VP (LON:VP.) which is free to attend, but you have to book in using this link. The company is a group of niche equipment hire businesses, is consistently profitable & dividend paying. It's on my watch list, and is starting to look reasonably priced again. Hence my being happy to mention this event here.

A tech event hosted by Bloomberg in London, is on 12 Mar, organised by David Stredder, with some excellent keynote speakers, including Mark Slater, who's always well worth listening to in my opinion, so I shall be attending this event. The booking link is here. This one has a small charge, which is even smaller using a special discount code that we secured for our readers - that code is DISCSTOCK (now corrected. Sorry it was incorrect earlier).

Shaft Sinkers Holdings (LON:SHFT)

Suspension - We wave a tearful goodbye today to this African excavator, as the shares are suspended with any remaining shareholders suffering a 100% loss, as expected. The company says;


This is likely to be one of many small resources stocks that de-list. Not before time, as there have been dozens of no-hopers clogging up the market for the last few years. So a good clear-out will make it a lot easier to focus on the good companies. Sorry if that sounds uncharitable, but there we go, capitalism is all about the survival of the fittest.

Mecom (LON:MEC)

De-listing - This European newspaper group also de-lists today, with the shares no longer trading from 8am today. Shareholders will receive 155p per share in cash, in an agreed takeover which has dragged on quite a while since being announced on 30 Jun 2014.

This looks a good outcome for shareholders, given that the company's shares were as low as 30p in 2013, and I recall trading being poor in Holland some time ago.

Pittards (LON:PTD)

Share price: 135p
No. shares: 9.3m
Market Cap:…

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