Good morning! It's Friday already, and an extremely quiet day for company reporting today. There's a profit warning from an AIM-Listed Israeli-based water filtration company called Amiad Water Systems (LON:AFS). They say that a slowdown in business is continuing, and that the full calendar year 2013 is likely to show revenues of $115-120m, and net profit between $4-6m. It's not a company I've looked at before, and generally I don't touch overseas companies that List on AIM any more, as so many have turned out to be disasters for one reason or another. So why take the risk when you don't have to?

Having said that, I very much approve of the way this company has presented its profit warning - by giving specific guidance to investors on what range their turnover and profits are likely to be. All companies should do this, as it removes a lot of the guesswork for investors, and hence enables us to make more informed decisions.




It was good to see a lively discussion here yesterday about Globo (LON:GBO), where opinion is very divided. Although I would say that the tone of the discussion fell well below the standards we're used to here - so do please try to keep all comments civil in tone, and avoid any type of personal abuse or insinuations. A good rule of thumb is try not to type anything unless you would be happy to say it to someone face to face.

Coincidentally, it was my local Share Club monthly meeting last night, and someone proposed Globo as a share we should buy! So I chuckled and told them how I'd spent most of the day battling with bulls of the stock who want to ignore the glaring red flags in the accounts, and get terribly fractious when these problems are highlighted. Funnily enough, we came close to buying a few as a trading punt - I explained my serious concerns about their accounts, but we agreed that it clearly has momentum, and that people with deep pockets have bought the story & keep pumping in more & more money. So the likelihood is that the shares could easily continue upwards in the short term. Of course that's not of interest to me in this column - as…

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