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CEO/FD Interviews

I've decided it's time to do another batch of audio interviews, with CEO/FDs of interesting small caps. I'm generally doing them free now, as I think charging a company creates a conflict of interest. Also, as questions are sourced from the private investor community, then the questions are genuinely independent. All of which makes for interesting & unique interviews.

I'll usually (but not always) hold a position in the companies concerned, or at least will be considering taking a position. Otherwise the company wouldn't be of interest to me, and hence I wouldn't want to waste mine or their time doing an interview in the first place.

The interviews are a good way for me to learn more about a company, so why not publish it, and let everyone listen in? People seem to like them, so I'll try to find the time to do more of them.

Begbies Traynor (BEG)

(at the time of writing, I hold a long position in this company)

My next interview is with Ric Traynor, of £BEG . This is an interesting one, as it's the UK market's only listed pure play insolvency practitioner. I am wondering whether sterling weakness, Living Wage, and various other headwinds might tip the UK into recession next year?

With this in mind, I thought that Begbies could be a good hedge for my longs, as theoretically it should benefit from a recession. Although that's what people thought in 2008, but ultra-low interest rates prevented the wave of insolvencies that was expected.

I'm looking forward to asking Mr Traynor what he thinks about the outlook for the UK economy, impact of Brexit/sterling, etc. Should be interesting. So I need some questions please!

This is the link for submitting your question for Begbies, through an online form, which collates them all into one place for me, saving lots of time. The deadline for questions is midnight of 23 Oct 2016, as I'm conducting the interview on the 24th. Please don't put questions in the comments section here, as that messes up my system.

Staffline (STAF)

(at the time of writing, I hold a long position in this share)

This interview is a bit further out - I'm interviewing Andy Hogarth, CEO of Staffline, on 9 Nov 2016. So please submit your questions (deadline midnight of 8 Nov 2016) using the form here.

Staffline shares have sold off heavily, and now look…

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