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ShareSoc Brighton

I am delighted to see that ShareSoc has decided to revive the Brighton investor evenings, which myself and a friend started in 2014. It's so much work to organise events such as this, that we didn't have time to organise any in 2015.

So I'm thrilled to see that ShareSoc has taken up the mantle, and has organised an investor evening (with optional meal) for 10 May 2016. The idea is to make this a regular monthly event, which would be fantastic, as the previous ones in 2014 were so enjoyable. The same venue, 2 mins from Brighton station, is being used - so very easy to get to, even from London.

The problem is that people only register at the last minute, by which time the organisers are tearing their hair out, because we had to give a minimum attendance guarantee to the restaurant. So far, registrations for the Brighton event in May 2016 are so low that the event just won't go ahead unless more people register now.

Therefore, in order to get this event off the ground in the early stages, please can I urge everyone who would like to see this become a regular event, please support the first one by booking now. Here is the link. The first event is key, because if it flops, then there won't be any future ones. Therefore, even if you're not interested in the company presenting, a show of support is vitally needed to get things off the ground.

I will be going to all the future ones, but unfortunately am away on holiday on 10 May, so can't personally make the first one. These events are such a good way to network with fellow investors, as everyone has a common interest. Networking with other like-minded investors has definitely improved my knowledge & performance over the years. Plus of course it's great fun to knock back a few pints of Peroni, and have a good laugh & exchange anecdotes with other investors.

Stockopedia Webinar

The boss is doing a webinar tomorrow at 12:30 - to register please click on the blue link above (for anyone not aware, all text which appears in blue, is a clickable link).

The focus is on international shares. I already use the USA & Europe service here, and have to say that it's wonderful to see everything in the standard format…

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