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This is now the last week of the Brexit campaign, thank goodness. I expect many people are, like myself, heartily sick of the whole thing. Especially when tragedy struck last week, in the senseless murder of that lovely lady MP. That shouldn't affect the vote, but I think it will - as a reminder that there is an extremist minority element within the Brexit camp which is beyond unsavoury.

Personally, I'm wavering, and am now in the unsure camp. What has really worried me, is talking to people who work in financial services, including our own commenter "Maddox" here. They're saying that the removal of EU passporting for financial services will definitely lead to (possibly serious) job losses from the City to places in Europe.

My heart says leave, and get back our democracy. My head says that doing so would cause so much disruption, and consequences that nobody really knows, so perhaps it's better to play it safe for now? Also, as investors, we do have to think about the portfolios we've carefully nurtured. An out vote would undoubtedly knock them hard, possibly for quite a while - nobody really knows.

The betting odds have moved towards the Remain side in recent days. I follow the IG binary Brexit market, and it has recently moved from a mid price of 61.5 to 77.0 today - i.e. there is now only a 23% chance of a Brexit vote succeeding. That's probably why we're seeing such a big market rally today the FTSE 100 is up 211 points at the time of writing - a remarkable one day rise.

There are not many results/TUs today, which is handy as I'm heading into the City again shortly, to meet management of one of my favourite small caps, in which I hold a long position, Best Of The Best (LON:BOTB) . This is the weekly spot the ball, supercar competition, where 70% of its business is now online (the balance in large UK airports). I'll report back if there's anything interesting from the meeting.

Then I'm heading back home to Hove for a few quiet days, as all the frenetic activity of recent weeks in London has done me in a bit. So some R & R is definitely needed!

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