Good morning! As usual I'll look first at announcements from my watch list, as they have a news flag that automatically and promptly pops up against each company name on my monitor (I use MoneyAM, as it's only £23.99 per month for unlimited live prices, including Level 2). By the time I've digested them, my other news services have cranked into life.

As we're in a bull market (for the time being), I'm including some slightly more speculative stocks into my portfolio, but nothing blue sky. However, I've become a bit more flexible on my parameters for GARP (growth at reasonable price). This allowed in a very interesting Australian company into my portfolio a few months ago, called Seeing Machines (LON:SEE) . They are AIM Listed, and it's a technology company that specialises in visual computing systems that track faces and eyes in real time. This has application across many sectors, especially focussed on detecting driver fatigue, where the technology is the market leader under an exclusive deal with Caterpillar in the mining sector. As the cost of production falls, then other sectors will open up, especially road transport, but also consumer electronics. It's really exciting stuff, with multiple opportunities, and best of all the company recently moved into profit. So it's a proper product, that is already selling, not a fancy idea.

They have announced a substantial fundraising at 5p per share today, to rise £16m before expenses. That involves the issue of 300m Placing shares (in two tranches, to allow for an EGM to authorise the dilution), and a further 20m shares in an Offer to existing shareholders, although the Offer shares seems to be directed only at professional or sophisticated Australian shareholders, and unspecified existing UK shareholders. So it's not clear whether all existing UK shareholders will be able to participate or not, this needs to be clarified I think. The Offer shares are also subject to scaleback, if over-subscribed.

The Market Makers have pre-emptively marked the share price down sharply to 5.5p Bid, 6.0p Offer (from last night's close of about 7.35p, to prevent people flipping stock for an instant profit (I doubt anyone will bother for just 10%, but might well have done for 30-40%!).

Although it should be noted that the share price has only recently risen above 5p (in mid-October), and above 6p…

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