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I'm flying back to the UK on Weds. So there will be a normal report today & tomorrow, but Weds will be late I'm afraid, as I don't get back home until about 3pm. I'll still do a report, but it will be late afternoon/early evening on Weds. Sorry about that.

My experiences of fund management

EDIT: Clarification - Fundamental Asset Management

I seem to have accidentally caused some confusion, for which I apologise. Fundamental Asset Management has asked me to clarify that the only part of their business I was involved in was a minor portfolio service called the Small Cap Value Portfolio.

So the SCVP had nothing to do with FAM's core business of IHT portfolio management, which is of course continuing completely as normal! (and is an excellent, well-run, strongly performing service).

One reader apparently misunderstood, and thought that FAM was shutting down, which obviously it isn't! This has caused a few red faces, for which I profusely apologise.

Over the last 3 years, I helped to run a portfolio management service, called the Small Cap Value Portfolio, through an excellent FCA-regulated firm called Fundamental Asset Management (who are specialists in IHT planning portfolios). Working with FAM has been terrific - they're really genuine, decent people, and have a wealth of experience in AIM stocks.

I've not mentioned it here before, as it could have been seen as a conflict of interest (i.e. being seen to drum up new clients by mentioning it here), so Stockopedia asked me not to refer to it here in the past. I did however declare all positions held, within my usual disclosures here, as if I held them personally (which I did in nearly all stocks anyway).

However, seeing as we're winding down the very small SCVP service (due to failing to reach critical mass to make it cost-effective), I thought it would be worth a mention, to pass on some snippets on what I've learned from 3 year's work, helping to (as part of a regulated team) manage other peoples' money.

NB. This has no effect on FAM's main activities, as noted above.

Firstly, it's incredibly stressful! If you lose your own money on a share that goes wrong, it's annoying, but you learn the lessons (if there are any - sometimes it's things you could never…

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