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Chinese tourists

Amazing statistic for the day - Chinese tourists spent $215bn on outbound travel last year, up a remarkable 53%. Let's hope the UK authorities have ditched the expensive & bureaucratic visa requirements previously in place. We need to get a decent slice of that tourist revenue, even though it will make it easier for spies to visit us alongside the tourists.

So the outlook for London hotels is probably good.


Talking of overseas travel, I am off to Abu Dhabi tomorrow morning, for a week of sunshine, swimming, good food, reading, and partially-relaxing. These reports will continue as usual. As it happens, the time difference is ideal - 3 hours ahead of the UK, so I'll be able to get up at 10am AD time, which will be 7am UK time. So these reports might even improve whilst I'm away! I'm really not a morning person, and my brain is usually only fully operational by about 10-11am.

Yesterday's report

I reviewed a few more companies yesterday evening, being:

Best Of Best (LON:BOTB)
Robinson (LON:RBN)
Costain (LON:COST)

So if you wish to see my thoughts on those, here is the link to yesterday's full report

I also briefly looked at the acquisition made by Portmeirion (LON:PMP) but didn't write anything about it. The deal seems entirely sensible to me, as expected from sensible management. I'm regretting having sold my shares at around 1100p, and might buy them back on any dips in future.

ISA millionaire - new eBook

Probably the best article ever written on Stockopedia was from my friend Leon Boros, explaining how he had built up his ISA to over £1m.

Leon has now published an eBook through Stockopedia, updating everything. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my reading list for next week, on the beach. Here is the link to download Leon's new ebook.

There are lots of commentators on shares, but the best ones to listen to are people who have actually made a lot of money over the long term.

Not much news today, but let's look at what there is:

T Clarke (LON:CTO)

Share price: 87.25p (up 3.3% today)
No. shares: 41.8m
Market cap: £36.5m

(at the time of…

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