Good morning!

These are the stocks I've noticed so far today:

I'd also like to give readers the link for an anonymous, 3-minute survey which could help companies to engage with private investors better. It's available here (external link).

Also, time permitting, I will circle back to Jarvis Securities (LON:JIM) and Laura Ashley Holdings (LON:ALY) which reported yesterday.

Angling Direct (LON:ANG)

  • Share price: 98p (+1%)
  • No. of shares: 43 million
  • Market cap: £42 million

Pre-close trading update

We've covered the difficulties at Fishing Republic (LON:FISH) in recent months, so it's a pleasant change to see a fishing-related company that is performing well!

I haven't been able to find any difference in terms of the markets served by Angling Direct (LON:ANG) and Fishing Republic (LON:FISH). So presumably they are in direct competition.

Angling Direct (LON:ANG) is s a recent float, hitting the market last July. We haven't covered it in the SCVR before.

Today's update says that revenue for the full-year ending January 2018 was ahead of expectations at £30.2 million.

Like-for-like store sales are up 10%, which is the same pace that was reported at the interim results.

Scrolling back to those interim results, I see how important the online (e-commerce) platform is to Angling Direct - slightly bigger than store sales, and growing at a massive pace. The year-on-year growth rate reported today in online sales is 54%.

The outlook is "very positive" despite economic…

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