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Share tips - I thought I'd add a few comments on my thought process when shares in my portfolio are tipped in the mainstream press, as happened this morning.

Two of my shares, Record (LON:REC) and PCF (LON:PCF), were tipped for the first time by the Investors Chronicle, as "Bargain Shares" for 2018.

For the avoidance of any doubt, this was bad news as far as I was concerned. I didn't want their share prices to go up, because I had absolutely no plans to sell them and in fact I had been hoping to buy more shares in PCF (LON:PCF) very soon.

One attitude to take is that it doesn't matter, because anyone who buys shares on a magazine tip probably doesn't know very much about the company, and will be a seller in due course. Some investors even sell into these tips, because they are so confident that the share price will retreat over the coming weeks and months, enabling them to buy back in at a profit.

For me, though, having researched a company, I don't want to take the risk that the share price doesn't come back down, with the result that I never get to buy as many shares as I originally planned.

So I went ahead and bought my last slice of PCF (LON:PCF), getting the full quantity of shares that I was originally going for.

I had to pay a bit more than I intended, but it would be much worse if the price continued rising, and I never got them.

My particular concern with PCF is…

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