Good morning, it's Paul here, with the SCVR for Friday. Jack's busy with other work today, so this is all my work.

I'm hoping for a quiet RNS today, as is usual on Fridays, so I can have a big catch-up day - with a long list of things on my note pad from earlier this week, that I still want to look into. So I've cleared the decks today, got up early, and have the whole day allocated to writing this report.

I saw there was some bickering in the comments yesterday, over a subscriber chasing me on De La Rue (LON:DLAR) . Relax, he's a friend, and he didn't mean to sound abrupt! I will be looking at DLAR, because it's an interesting company, and I'm wondering whether to put it back on my personal buy list or not. I try to prioritise companies that look like they may be profitable investments, that's what it's all about after all! Although obviously I have no idea what short term share prices are likely to do, that's down to market sentiment. We just stack the long-term odds in our favour, if we buy strong companies that are growing, and are priced attractively. Although markets have been chasing growth at any price in recent years, so valuation doesn't seem to matter that much at the moment.

Agenda -

Boohoo (LON:BOO) - quick comment re valuation, and forecast from Zeus (done)

Saga (LON:SAGA) - safety accreditation of cruise ships (done)

Loopup (LON:LOOP) - Trading update (done)

Reach (LON:RCH) - Trading update

After that, I'm hoping to cover backlog items from earlier this week.

Frustratingly, I got bogged down in today's announcements, and didn't managed to make inroads into the backlog. It takes a lot of time & energy to unpick complicated & ambiguous updates like the ones today from LOOP & RCH. Hounding me because I haven't got round to covering some other company, is really unhelpful, so please don't do it. Today's report is now finished.


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