Good morning, it's Paul here.

Apologies again that this week's reports have been so useless. I've had the worst flu for about 20 years, and it still hasn't properly cleared up. Obviously if I'd known it was going to be this bad, then I'd have made alternative arrangements.

DP Poland (LON:DPP)

Issues a Q1 trading update with no figures. All it says is;

Trading in line with management expectations

More stores are opened, despite the existing ones never having collectively made a profit.

It refinanced recently, with a 6p placing.

Based on performance to date (it's been listed, and burning cash for 9 years now), I don't see any value in this share.


Is disposing of its UK operations, called Cocosa, for £1m, to focus on ANZ operations.

Looks a bit desperate. I've lost faith in management here, so won't be revisiting it.

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