Good morning, it’s Paul here, with Monday's SCVR.

I hope that subscribers survived the weekend storms, without any harm to family, friends, or outbuildings.

Estimated timings today - I have a conference call with a company to prepare for & participate in, which is eating into my time this morning. I'm taking an early lunch break today too, to get out in the sunshine before it disappears (am trying to have a better work/life balance, exercising when I can - EDIT too late, it's started raining again lol!). Hence today's report will be mainly done by 1pm, but I'll carry on until c.4pm to finish off anything left dangling.
EDIT at 15:46 - I've covered as much as I can today, so today's report is now finished.

Being forced to stay indoors yesterday did at least allow me to get on top of the mountains of paperwork in my office, with what I call "speedy filing". This involves leaving large piles of paperwork untouched, for several years, whereupon it can simply be transferred directly into the recycling bin. Much more efficient than actual filing.

It's also useful thinking time, with my attention currently focused on;

China supply chains

We've discussed this before, but I noticed late last week that several shares which rely heavily on imports from China, began to drop sharply. A good example is Up Global Sourcing Holdings (LON:UPGS) which imports branded consumer goods, e.g. small domestic appliances, a lot of which come from China. Its business is bound to take at least a temporary hit from supply disruption. The market has anticipated this, with a sharp fall in share price recently, giving up all of the Boris bounce;


At what point does this become a buying opportunity? After all, with small caps, it only usually takes a handful of sellers to smash up a share price in times of uncertainty. If buyers are sitting on their hands due to that uncertainty, then sellers have nobody to sell to, hence the price is just marked down until bargain hunters emerge. This can create some marvellous opportunities.

As we know, catching falling knives can often be dangerous as there could be deeper underlying problems that the sellers know about, and the buyers don't. E.g. I got caught out with that on Mysale (LON:MYSL) shares…

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