Hi, it's Paul here.

EDIT at 12:28 - sorry, I forgot to include today's estimated time of completion. It's mostly done now, but I'll add a couple more short sections after lunch, so the full report should be finished by about 3pm.

Edit at 15:11 - today's report is now finished.

Edit at 18:38 - here's moped-cam video from my holiday last week in Gozo, if you want to to be pillion passenger!

Edit at 21:30 - here's a fascinating video I took, of my visit to the underground command & control WWII centre, in Malta's Valletta's underground rocks.  I'll tell you later this week a bit more about a lovely lunch I had with a Stockopedia member, who is a retired engineer, who played a major part in restoring the Lascaris War Rooms, and other world heritage sites in Malta. In the meantime, high-five Derek, what a pleasure to meet you! :-)

I'll be writing most of this week's reports, apart from Tuesday, which Graham is planning on writing, as well as presenting the SCVR live at Mello London. It's a total nightmare having to read the day's news, write a report, and then get up on stage and present it to an audience. Hence why I refused to do it this year, lol!

Mello London

David Stredder, the private investor who set up Mello, has just messaged me to say that ticket sales have gone well, and there are many excellent companies to talk to - David prioritises quality over quantity.

Above all, Mello events are so friendly, and most people come away having made some new investing contacts and friends, that they stay in touch with, and share investing ideas & research. As I always say, investing really is a team sport.

Having a common interest, you can stop and talk to anyone, with ease. I just say, "Hello, I'm Paul Scott. What's your favourite share?", finding that a very good way to start a conversation! Or, "What type of shares do you invest in?", Is another good conversation starter.

I really enjoy meeting Stockopedia subscribers, so if you spot me at Mello, please feel very welcome to say hello & have a chat!

Here's the full programme for the event, and the timetable of talks. Tickets can be bought here. Some people…

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