This part written by Paul

Good evening (I'm writing this first section on Sunday evening). I promised to follow Jack's comments last week, on what he's actually been buying recently, so somewhat belatedly (with my apologies), here it is.

EDIT: I've put this up on Sunday early evening (in between binge-watching The Crown) to give subscribers some time to digest things at leisure, rather than trying to combine it with the usual 7am deluge of RNSs on Monday morning.

Also, I have to take one of my dogs to a cancer specialist tomorrow, to see if we can save him, so won't have that much time for writing. Also whether we can justify spending money on an elderly dog, or if it would be better spent on saving the lives of pensioners in Zimbabwe via my favourite charity, ZANE. Lots to think about. It should be a simple, logical choice, but it's not when emotions are involved.

We caused chaos in the De Beauvoir Arms N1 just before lockdown 2, when my dog Paddy kept vigorously trying to climb onto the table. I kept shouting at him to get down and this poor human on the nearby table kept jumping out of his skin! Turns out he was called Paddy too, so we had a good laugh and I bought him a drink by way of an apology for fraying his nerves. He thought it was hilarious in the end, so no harm done. Here's my Paddy




This section written by Paul

I promised last week to update you on my recent “buying frenzy”, so here goes, and sorry for the delay. In recent months I’ve been building up positions in a number of shares that looked too depressed, and should benefit from a likely gradual recovery from covid in 2021 (better treatments, testing, and vaccines). However, I suffered heavy losses on these shares (the worst being Revolution Bars (LON:RBG) ) as they fell, and fell, and fell. So my portfolio, which had been looking quite healthy earlier this year, was starting to look sickly again recently.

Pleasingly, I’ve recouped all of my losses from Sept & Oct, in one week, last week, and am now back to a more comfortable level that I was at in August, in terms of portfolio performance..

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