Good morning, it's Paul here.

Pre-7am intro

Mello London was another rip-roaring success last week. I did my usual talk on small caps, and so that everyone can see (including those who were not able to attend Mello) what I rattled on about, here are my presentation slides.

NB. This is an expanded set of slides, with my full talk on ZANE towards the end, which is new material beyond what I was able to say at Mello. I wanted to talk in more detail about ZANE, and was given a late presenting slot, but the previous panel show thing over-ran by so long, there was no time for me to talk properly about ZANE.

Its founder, Tom Benyon, has become a good friend, and I'm seeing him for lunch today actually.

Tom's a remarkable man, not only did he found ZANE, but he still does c.10-day sponsored walks each summer, even with 2 replacement hips and more recently a replacement knee joint. His walks, plus his military & political contacts make him (by far) the largest fundraiser for his own charity. That seems in stark contrast to a lot of larger charities that seem to have become so corporate these days, with 6-figure salaries for CEOs, etc.

Unfortunately, at Mello, some of audience visibly zoned out, the moment I switched from talking about shares that might make them money, to talking about ZANE. Out came the smartphones, and glazed eyes! I was rather dispirited by this, and later apologised to Tom Benyon, feeling I'd let him down, by failing to produce an interesting enough presentation to hold the audience's attention.

Tom feels that it doesn't work, trying to combine charity stuff with investing. After all, as he pointed out, if he went to a charity conference & started talking about shares, the audience there would zone out too!

Clearly then, I've got a lot to learn about how to do charity fundraising, but like everything, one has to start somewhere! 

EDIT: to save anyone asking the question who might be curious, I am not asking for, or being paid anything by ZANE to promote it. I paid for my own return flights to Zimbabwe, and internally, plus I paid for the restaurant meal we had whilst in the country, for the trustees. So please be reassured, I'm putting money in, not taking it out.

ZANE has…

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