Good morning! It's Paul here with Monday's SCVR.

Timing - today's report is now finished.

** Newsflash! Reminder that Ed will be doing a presentation at 18:15 tonight at Mello Monday. The other speakers & company ( Gaming Realms (LON:GMR) ) are all really interesting, so this one is probably the best so far. I've been roped into the panel discussion (again, I hear you sigh!!) at the end. I'm going to focus mainly on investing ideas & themes for 2021, so it's not duplicating my recent PIWorld chat **

I'm hoping it might be a bit quieter for company news this week, as I need to take some time out to buy the food for Xmas Day from ASDA. Reports of logjams at channel ports, mean we could run out of parsnips any time soon. Obviously completely unconnected with Brexit negotiations! ;-)

Covid - we're getting bad news about case numbers & deaths, but good news on the vaccine. My mother had her first vaccine dose yesterday. She reported back that it was very well organised, quick, and completely painless - she didn't feel a thing. No side effects. The booster jab is scheduled for 3 weeks. You might like to pass that on to your relatives & friends, to reassure them that it's not at all daunting. Mum came out of the health centre a little later (they make people sit for 15 minutes, to ensure there's no adverse reaction), got into my car, and commented, "Everyone in there was decrepit! They must be doing the over-90's today!"

To start off on companies, here’s one I prepared earlier (!!!)

Fulham Shore (LON:FUL)

9.5p - mkt cap £58m

Half-year Report (published 18 Dec 2020)

The operator of Franco Manca pizza restaurants, and the smaller chain “The Real Greek”, both being casual dining formats. Both are excellent, popular, and nicely differentiated, i.e. not just copy-cat pizza restaurants like all the others.

Investors generally should look at least 6 months ahead, therefore we really should now be focused on how businesses are likely to trade post-covid. That’s why so many cyclical shares have rallied strongly in recent weeks. Therefore, FUL’s interim results during the covid period are only of passing interest. I’m more interested in balance sheet strength, liquidity, and the outlook.

The Directors of The Fulham Shore…

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