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Please see the header for the company announcements which have caught my eye today.

Estimated timings - the morning went by in a flash, so I'm having another go at adding some more sections after lunch. Looking to finish about 4pm.
Update at 15:54 - today's report is now finished.

Tourism shares (e.g. airlines) are down sharply today, as a resurgence of covid-19 has led to the UK Govt re-imposing a 14-day quarantine on tourists coming back from Spain (apart from Canary & Balearic islands). Sod's Law kicked in for me, as I booked a trip to Malaga for September, so am hoping the quarantine restrictions might be lifted by then. Although for me personally, I've worked from home for the last 18 years, so quarantine at home would be little different to normal life. In any case, who's policing it? The only practical difficulty would be buying groceries.

Gyms - I've seen some alarming stats about the willingness of clients to return to gyms. CNBC reported last week that a massive 59% of gym clients say they do not intend to return, instead intending to cancel gym memberships post-lockdown. That's a staggeringly high figure, which if people do what they say they intend to do (not always the same thing), then it would cripple the sector. The argument is that people have found other ways of exercising during lockdown.

There's an interesting article here about attitudes towards gyms in the UK. Attitudes might change as we go back into colder weather in the autumn/winter, where exercising outdoors becomes even more unpleasant than now. The problem is surely heavy breathing when exercising, which you can often see in strong sunlight projects saliva far & wide, and profuse sweating. All in an enclosed environment. That's surely a deeply unattractive proposition to visit a gym, with a nasty virus still in circulation, and likely to remain so for some time? Hence I'm keeping well away from Gym (LON:GYM) and Pure Gym (LON:PGYM) shares.


Revolution Bars (LON:RBG)

Share price: 18.5p
No. shares: 125.0m (after placing shares admitted today)
Market cap: £23.1m

(I'm long)

Admission to AIM, Director shareholding

This is just a formality,…

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