Good morning, it's Paul & Jack here with the SCVR for Monday. Many thanks to Roland for all his work last week, which I'm sure you'll agree is always excellent. Today's report is now finished.

There's a Mello show tonight - you can find David's preview of it here. Keelan is going to be presenting his findings from the IPO Survival Guide and Jack will look at a company later on in the BASH segment.

Agenda -

Paul's Section:

Beeks Financial Cloud (LON:BKS) (I hold) - I've had a fairly lengthy rummage through the FY 06/2021 accounts, and separate trading update (raising expectations for FY 06/2022 revenues). It's difficult to value, and certainly not cheap at c.£100m market cap. However, I think this is a very interesting business model, and with growth accelerating, I'm bullish on the long term prospects.

Electra Private Equity (LON:ELTA) (I hold) - I'm flagging up a useful update note from Edison today, which crunches the numbers for us. This confirms my opinion that sum-of-the-parts in this breakup/demerger situation looks very attractive still. Please DYOR, but if my numbers (and Edisons) are right, then ELTA could be worth around double the current share price, once the two companies within ELTA list separately fairly soon (this year). A very appealing special situation, in my view.

Elixirr International (LON:ELIX) - superb interim results from this management consultancy business, which floated in July 2020. Thanks to the readers who flagged it to us in the comments section. Shares have 3-bagged already (well done to holders), and are on a punchy PER now of 30, even after today's upgrade.

Jack's Section:

Medica (LON:MGP) - post-Covid recovery continues and acquisitions provide additional longer term growth opportunities, so overall the conditions look positive here. Possible competitive and margin pressures further down the line are a point to consider.

Instem (LON:INS) - the shares have rerated and so valuation is a consideration here. The group does have a strong position in attractive markets though, and three significant acquisitions plus scope for margin expansion means it could still be worth doing more work on the prospects here.

Beeks Financial Cloud (LON:BKS) - Jack's notes from call with management.

Explanatory notes -

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