Good morning, it's Paul & Jack here with the first of this week's SCVRs.

Market cap - upper limit for SCVRs

We've been discussing raising the market cap limit here to £700m, because a lot of interesting companies have now gone above our existing £400m-ish upper limit. I was watching an interesting video from my friend Chris Boxall at IHT specialist fund management firm, Fundamental Asset Management, who is a walking encyclopedia on small caps. When asked how he defines small caps, he said up to £700m, because that's roughly the level when companies join the FTSE 350. So anything below that, it makes sense to call a small cap. Or micro cap below £100m. That makes sense to me.

What do readers think? Would it be useful for us to increase our coverage up to £700m mkt cap?

Mello - tonight

Starting at 18:00 tonight. I see that Keith Ashworth-Lord is being interviewed. Our own Jack is featuring in the BASH (buy, avoid, sell, hold?) session. More details here.

Check out Jack's recent article on Gear4music Holdings (LON:G4M) here if you haven't seen it. Very interesting. This is a coffee can (i.e. hold forever) share for me.

Timing - it's quiet for news today, so I think we should be finished by mid-morning. Today's report is now finished.

Agenda -

Paul's Section:

Clipper Logistics (LON:CLG) - bigger than usual, but as there's very little else to cover today. Today's update is in line with expectations, but there's lots of positive commentary about future growth. Guidance is raised. Looks excellent, and I think the big rise in share price looks justified by strong fundamentals.

Jack's Section:

Gusbourne (LON:GUS) - another Kent-based wine producer but, as with Chapel Down (OFEX:CDGP) , valuation looks to be ahead of events given the scale of revenue being generated. Caution is advised given historic levels of capex and the track record of equity dilution

Steppe Cement (LON:STCM) - shares down on final results. The Ranks and value metrics here are consistently excellent but there are more qualitative due diligence considerations to factor in as well

Paul's Section

Share Ideas

Stock screens - I ran some of my personal stock screens over the weekend, looking for potentially cheap shares, and didn’t…

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