Good morning from Paul & Graham!

Today's report is now finished.

Podcasts - it was too hot here in Gozo for me to feel motivated to do anything energetic over the weekend, so I stayed in and recorded podcasts instead! Here we are, there are 2 for this weekend, with loads of (hopefully interesting) small caps news & views.

The burning issue this morning will be what happens at Metro Bank Holdings (LON:MTRO) - press reports are giving sketchy details of a deal having apparently been done, with an existing shareholding injecting more equity to take a controlling stake (at what price/dilution?) and apparently one level of bondholders taking a haircut. We'll look into the details once they are announced. Why anyone would want to be a small shareholder in a precarious bank, is beyond me - way too high risk. I discussed this one in the weekend podcast. What does impress me however is how fast regulators are now forcing refinancings at troubled banks - so far, preventing wider contagion. EDIT: apparently new shares will be issued at 30p, so not a bad outcome at all for existing shareholders, at first sight - but why did any small shareholders take the enormous risk, when they didn't have to?

Graham went into more detail on MTRO refinancing in his daily youtube show (recording here), flagging that he went AMBER on MTRO last week, because he thought the balance sheet numbers weren't bad enough for it to be a zero. Since a solvent solution for equity does seem to have been agreed over the weekend, thanks to a white knight investor buying new equity in what will be a controlling stake, then I suppose Graham's view has been vindicated! However, I maintain that risk:reward was terrible, since the positive outcome has only resulted in (at time of writing) a 16% gain in share price to 53p, which in order to have achieved this gain, shareholders ran a very big risk of a 100% wipeout. So regardless of outcome, risk:reward was terrible on this trade! 

Reminder for Mello Monday - starting 17:00 tonight - 2 interesting companies presenting, both of which we've reviewed recently, Equals (LON:EQLS) and accesso Technology (LON:ACSO) . Also a guest interviewee, who David tells me has lots of interesting insights.

Graham's Youtube channel - I think…

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