Good morning! It's Paul & Jack here with the SCVR for Thursday.

Agenda -

Paul's Section:

Best Of The Best (LON:BOTB) (I hold) - after a chaotic year, with earnings estimates down by two thirds, this online supercar competition company seems to be stabilising. An in line update today, so it looks like we're over the worst. I conclude that the shares seem attractively priced now, but not everyone will agree, given the unpredictability of earnings, and new, well-funded competition.

Gulf Marine Services (LON:GMS) (I hold) - 2 contract extensions, at increased charge out rates (no figures provided, probably commercially sensitive). The problem is massive bank debt, but everything seems lined up now for debt to reduce quite fast, with its 13 vessels in high demand.

Jack's Section:

Portmeirion (LON:PMP) - good update, with full year revenue now expected to be 5% ahead of current expectations. More guidance on margins would be appreciated given the pressures. However, the shares continue to look reasonably valued, the turnaround is going in the right direction, and the group scores a consistently high Quality Rank.

Volex (LON:VLX) - strong revenue growth of around 44% as the company pushes through price increases to negate rising costs. In the long term, there is scope to continue growing both organically and acquisitively, but the current conditions are tricky and the group is moving fast with acquisitions, so the shorter term risks are worth bearing in mind.

Ted Baker (LON:TED) - some positives in this update but I'm still not convinced that the recovery is as entrenched as the share price suggests. There's a key trading period coming up, and I'd rather see how the company performs there before making a judgement on its ability to recapture its former glory.

Explanatory notes -

A quick reminder that we don’t recommend any stocks. We aim to review trading updates & results of the day and offer our opinions on them as possible candidates for further research if they interest you. Our opinions will sometimes turn out to be right, and sometimes wrong, because it's anybody's guess what direction market sentiment will take & nobody can predict the future with certainty. We are analysing the company fundamentals, not trying to predict market sentiment.

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