Good morning, it's Paul & Graham here!

All done for today - a mammoth report! I've added some super-brief comments in the agenda section where I just had a very quick look.

Ed's webinar on multibaggers 

Wasn't this excellent, last night?! If you didn't manage to watch live, then do check out the recording, which I think the team is planning to email out to those who registered. 

I recognised all 10 of the multibaggers from 2013-2023, because we've written about all of them many times here over that period (our archive of SCVRs goes back to 2013). I have to say, it wasn't at all obvious at the time that any of them would go on to become multibaggers. In every case, management just executed very well over the long-term. There's not really any way to measure that in advance, this is the trouble! 

However, Ed flagged some fascinating (and surprising!) insights into some of the common traits these multibaggers did possess early on. It's also very encouraging that a lot of the biggest UK multibaggers were mundane small caps on value ratings (at the start of their run), not sexy sectors or blue sky projects (although the £50m minimum market cap would have excluded those). 

So the exciting thing is that the next batch of multibaggers are buried somewhere in these reports here & now! Let's hope we can spot them, and have the patience to hold (that's the really difficult bit!)

EDIT: a reminder that I started the SCVRs in 2013. So we have a full 10 year archive of all the multibagging shares. It's quite interesting to look back at how they were perceived before we knew they were going to be multibaggers!

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