Good evening, Paul here! I'm getting into the routine of putting up a placeholder article the night before, and I think it's working quite well - meaning that we can swap RNS ideas on trading updates & results, from 7am in the morning (tomorrow).

Talking of which, see you in the morning! Regards, Paul.

Good morning! It's Paul here.

The roaring bull market continues. Although I've noticed that a lot of UK small caps seem to be wobbling. Take Fevertree Drinks (LON:FEVR) for example - a previous high flyer, it's dropping sharply again today. Peaking recently at 2500p, I've just picked up a few (more as a trade than an investment) at about 1900p - that's a 24% drop from the recent high, quite a considerable retracement. A lot of other high flyers have done the same - e.g. Boohoo.Com (LON:BOO) is down 26% from the recent high (roughly 196p now, versus recent high of c.266p). It's interesting how so many companies have similar charts.

My broker has just flagged up to me that there's been a broker downgrade for FEVR today apparently. I probably should have checked out why it was falling before buying some! Oh well. It does reinforce though, that highly rated shares don't leave any room for disappointments.

The trouble is too, that I think so many market participants are now following Mark Minervini-style momentum trading, that once a stock breaks through the 50 or 200 day moving average, then a stampede of selling occurs. Could it be a buying opportunity? Who knows - only time will tell.

eg Solutions (LON:EGS)

We bid a tearful goodbye to this little software company, and its bizarre CEO, Mrs Gooch. The shares are suspended, following a scheme of arrangement to sell the company. We should get through 112.5p per share in cash fairly soon.


I saw an interesting article yesterday, saying that major brands are signing up for a new service which will offer cheaper groceries direct to consumers. Apparently the idea is to use blockchain technology to cut out the middlemen (supermarkets), and offer groceries direct to consumers at wholesale prices.

This sounds fascinating, and could spell the end for supermarkets.…

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