Good morning! It's Paul here with the SCVR for Thursday.

See the header above for the company updates that look interesting this morning. There might be room for more, depending on how I get on.


Cloudcall (LON:CALL)

(I'm long)

I really enjoyed the investor presentation yesterday afternoon - apparently the video isn't quite ready. I'll add the correct link here when it's ready. It's well worth watching if you're interested in the company, or not entirely sure what they do (which seems to be the case with a lot of people who comment on the company!).

What I particularly liked is that 4 Directors/senior staff spoke. Usually investor presentations are just the CEO & CFO. In this case, the CEO effectively interviewed his own team, including CFO, CMO & CRO. I asked what CRO means, and how it differs from a Sales Director, just to make the point that investors may not all be familiar with these abbreviations. All speakers struck me as straight-talking, which made the presentation useful, as opposed to just PR fluff.

Key points which I put an asterisk next to, in my notes;

  • "Huge, painful, and rapid" drop-off in business due to covid, but recovering strongly now - the way they talked about this gave me more confidence, as it's clearly a one-off. Also, the company and its clients are better prepared, should a second wave hit.
  • CRO indicated that his goal is to "triple or quadruple" sales, to a run rate of £50m p.a., and that he's done this before, at a startup that was subsequently sold.
  • Product demos are key. CloudCall has a conversion rate of 43% from demo to sales. "Incredibly high". Therefore focus is on generating more sales leads & product demos, very simple! (Cleaver: "we need more sales, and quickly", CRO: "I hear you!")
  • Shareholder register is now 40% American investors. Not intending to move listing to USA (where valuations on tech cos are so much higher), but "Never say never"
  • Microsoft Teams integration (beta launch in August) is very important
  • Interesting product developments in pipeline - e.g. "we have 10 billion minutes of client data". If we could use AI and machine learning to interpret that data, and provide new services for clients (e.g. instant transcripts, measuring tone & sentiment of calls, etc.), this could open up new revenue streams
  • Cash burn remains high

There was lots more information, but those were…

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