Good morning, it’s Paul & Jack here with the SCVR for Thursday.

Timing - today's report is now finished.

Agenda -

Paul -

Fintel (LON:FNTL) - the new name for SimplyBiz - resilient results from FY 12/2020. Balance sheet still weak, but improving. Looks quite good overall.

Mccoll's Retail (LON:MCLS) - bumping along at breakeven, terrible balance sheet with tons of debt - I think the shares could be worthless on a conventional basis, but we're in a crazy bull market, so anything could happen. Very high risk

Judges Scientific (LON:JDG) - brief mention of the results, but let's start a discussion about 100-baggers, and how we can spot the next JDG? Please chuck your ideas into the pot, in the comments.

Boohoo (LON:BOO) - positive report from Sir Brian Leveson, and why I remain super-bullish on this share for the very long-term.

James Latham (LON:LTHM) - rather vague trading update, but I've crunched the numbers & like what I see, especially its fabulous balance sheet! A good one for value investors.

Jack -

Tandem (LON:TND) - strong trading from this cheap, off-the-radar bike and leisure goods company. Strong Covid tailwinds but building platform for longer term growth.

Cmc Markets (LON:CMCX) - not a small cap, but heightened trading conditions, increased guidance, and high returns on capital make it worth covering.

Here are a few catch-up items to start off the day

Fintel (LON:FNTL)

207p - market cap £200m

When I saw that Jack had put Fintel on our google docs which we use each day to collaborate on the SCVRs, I thought it was a typo for Findel. Wrong! Turns out this is the new name for SimplyBiz - an acquisitive group of professional subscription services companies - e.g. outsourced compliance for financial advisers.

I’ve always liked the business model (it makes sense to pay a relatively modest fee to outsource very specific & complicated regulatory work), high margins, and recurring revenues at this group. Although its over-stretched balance sheet put me off in the past. Also, I didn't fully trust the numbers, and wanted to see more of a track record established.

Fintel (AIM: FNTL), the leading provider of fintech and support services to the UK retail financial services sector,…

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