Good morning, it's Paul here with the SCVR for Thursday. As usual, it's initially just a placeholder article, for readers to add your comments from 7am.

The article should be finished by 1pm. Edit at 11:58 - let's extend the timings, so I can get more done to make up for a late start. I'll keep going until about 3pm. Update at 19:10 - sorry, I couldn't manage any more today, so today's report is now finished.

I needed a lie-in today, so am running a bit late. I had a funny turn last night, and was struggling to breath for a while, but that passed after about half an hour. In all other respects, I feel much improved this morning. After the initial 5-day assault on my body, the virus had a second attempt to kill me in days 6-8, when things seemed to be getting worse. But I have to say this morning, it really does feel as if I've turned a corner & am improving considerably. It's all about getting plenty of rest.

Life is very different at the moment, as I'm sure it is for you too. I can hear lots of children playing in the flats & gardens behind us here in Islington, and I wonder how difficult it must be for the millions of parents who are forced to stay at home, and try to keep children entertained & happy, whilst restricting their movements. It must be a tremendous challenge, I certainly don't envy them.

UCLH are doing a wonderful job looking after John's Mum. They rang yesterday to say that she's now losing her kidney functioning, which together with only being able to breathe through a tube in her lungs, means the outlook is bleak. They're putting her on dialysis, but there's really only a glimmer of hope.

So my time is mostly being spent supporting John, reminiscing about the happier times, and preparing him for what seems like the inevitable, with lots of tears flowing. The statistics I see on the news each day were just numbers, but now we're likely to be in those statistics.

As regards the Government actions, I think they are right to throw massive stimulus at this. We're waiting for news of what help the self-employed are going to get. Most of my extended family are self-employed, and in all cases they've seen work completely dry up…

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