Good afternoon, it's Paul here.

Here is the usual placeholder for your comments.

Unfortunately, I overslept today, due to getting my life/work balance into imbalance last night - that's code for getting raucously drunk with an old friend who popped over from LA, and then ending up in Soho with some other friends. I do apologise. I'd rather just be honest, than make up excuses. It's always difficult when I'm in London, as nearly every day someone wants to meet me for drinks & food, and to talk about shares.

Anyway, in the limited time available, I have to prepare for my meeting this afternoon with Geoff Wilding of Victoria (LON:VCP) . Thank you very much for your interesting questions, which I am collating & will ask. It's obviously going to be a slightly awkward encounter, but in my view it's always best to listen to management, and come to a conclusion based on a full appraisal of the available facts.

So today's SCVR is going to be written this evening, providing I get out of the meeting in one piece!

I believe Tracsis (LON:TRCS) should be announcing results in the morning - a buy & build group which has done a great job of expanding, using conservative funding.

Uniquely I think, the widely admired CEO of Tracsis, John McArthur, makes himself available here to answer questions from private investors in our comments section below. Why ever not?!

If John can do it, why can't other CEOs?

Brokers and other advisers seem to think that they need to ring-fence management from private investors. In my experience, it works a lot better when those walls are torn down, and PIs can talk directly to management. Lower fees for the mostly unnecessary intermediaries of course!

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