Good morning, it's Paul & Jack here with Tuesday's SCVR.

Chaotic market conditions continue. I'd love to have a pearl of wisdom to make everyone happy, but can't really think of anything.  We're not traders here, but are focused on the company fundamentals being reported. It strikes me (Paul) that the current panic sell-off seems overdone, and I'm just ignoring it because my shares are long-term investments. My SIPP is now down 28% year-to-date, and down 37% from the all-time high, but I'm very happy with all the positions, so it should come back up again in time, as has always happened in the past.

We've got a nice community here, so please do continue sharing your thoughts. I read them all, but wasn't really in the right frame of mind last night to reply, when I got back from my local.


Paul's Section:

Supreme (LON:SUP) - a reassuring update, saying that it supplied only a negligible amount of products to McColl's, and it was supplied via Morrisons. Therefore SUP has no bad debt exposure to McColl's.  There's also a brief trading update saying SUP is "trading well".

Nwf (LON:NWF) - yet another upgrade to forecasts for FY 5/2022. That's at least 3 upgrades, just in the last 3 months! Although before we get too excited, NWF does say that conditions for its oil supply busiess are "exceptional", hence unsustainable. This looks a solid company, and its shares mainly appeal for a reliable divi yield & inflation protection.

Jack's section:

Treatt (LON:TET) - revenue up 9% despite a one-off first half last year, and forecast to be up by more than 15% for the full year, although profits are down after accounting for a net gain on property disposal. The group’s new UK facility is an important factor in the valuation as it could drive significant growth, but high valuation multiples are at risk of a derating in the current environment so I’m wary in the short term.

Explanatory notes -

A quick reminder that we don’t recommend any stocks. We aim to review trading updates & results of the day and offer our opinions on them as possible candidates for further research if they interest you. Our opinions will sometimes turn out to be right, and sometimes wrong, because it's anybody's guess what direction market sentiment will…

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