Good morning, it's Paul here with the SCVR for Tuesday.

Thank you to everyone involved in Mello Monday investor webinar last night. The numbers are steadily growing, not far off 500 investors attended last night, a new record. The highlights for me were veteran fund manager from Schroders, Andy Brough, who is always a terrific speaker, full of insights and often very amusing anecdotes! Also, Stephen Clapham continues to impress, with interesting perspectives. I must read his new book, The Smart Money Method. Has anyone here read it? Views please!

Our own Jack gave a good review of Foxtons (LON:FOXT) (I hold) which is an interesting share. I think a lot of people are coming round to the view that the work from home (WFH) trend could gradually reverse. Anecdotally, I'm hearing that the novelty, even joy, of being at home with their children all the time, has worn rather thin with many city workers, who can't wait to get back into the office & bars/restaurants, once normality returns later this year (April/May roughly, is looking likely, given good progress with vaccine roll out).

I almost forgot, of course the boss's review of 2021 Share competition picks was interesting too. A lot of subscribers here clearly share my conviction for Boohoo (LON:BOO) , Saga (LON:SAGA) , and Volex (LON:VLX) - three of my five largest personal holdings, which are at the top of the list of shares picked by subscribers in this year's competition. Let's hope we're right, otherwise I'll have to keep a low profile at investor conferences later in the year lol! However, if those shares do well, I'll be able to excitedly hold court in the bar again, without buying a single pint all day, and repeat my previous performance of accidentally spraying fragments of salt & vinegar crisps over my adoring fans (sorry about that again Peter!).

Timings - an all-day job today, to catch up with a backlog from yesterday. Today's report is now finished.

Agenda -

Dr Martens - intention to float, for this well-known brand of boots.

Appreciate (LON:APP) - Trading update

Accrol Group (LON:ACRL) - Half year results

Science (LON:SAG) - Trading, business, and board update from yesterday


Dr Martens

This iconic boots brand is going to…

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