Good morning, it's Paul & Jack here with the SCVR for Tuesday (I'm posting this early on Monday evening, to secure a lie-in on Tuesday!)

Agenda -

Paul's Section:

Somero Enterprises Inc (LON:SOM) (I hold) - my notes from the PIWorld-hosted interim results webinar yesterday afternoon. As always, I only jot down the key points, so don't rely on this being completely comprehensive. I hope it's useful for people who haven't got time to spend an hour watching the whole hour-long webinar.

Portmeirion (LON:PMP) (I hold) - interim results look solid (it's the seasonally slow half), with upbeat commentary. Outlook is in line with market expectations, but I reckon the company's probably heading for a beat, as the forecast is low. Strong balance sheet, dividends to resume. This share looks good value to me, and I'm happy to continue holding. Not the most exciting share you could chose, but it looks a decent, solid business, at a modest valuation.

Just added a new section at 11:40 - notes from my Q&A today with PMP's CEO.

Zytronic (LON:ZYT) - a more positive trading update, ahead of expectations. The £0.3m loss in H1 has been recouped in H2. Good to see the company recovering, but it's still a long way short of historic levels of revenue & profits, so I can't see much of an attraction at this stage.

Porvair (LON:PRV) - a Q3 trading update (slightly ahead of expectations), but doesn't comment on full year expectations. Some sectors seeing a recovery in orders. All a bit vague. Valuation looks stretched to me.

Xaar (LON:XAR) - interim results look poor - loss-making, but the company seems to think it's doing well - delusional? Strong balance sheet. It's impossible for me to value this share, because the £160m market cap rests entirely on future expectations, not existing performance.

Jack's Section:

Tandem (LON:TND) - after years in the doldrums, the Tandem share price has rerated on the back of lockdown-fuelled demand for its products. This narrative underweights the good work done by management though. Revenue and profits are up, and the company is building a warehouse that will cut costs and increase capacity.

Property Franchise (LON:TPFG) - strong trading continues for this property franchise group, which has recently completed an…

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